Startup Web Hosters

Sign Up Now – $125/Month

The Starter Plan is designed especially for those web hoster's who have just started with a single VPS or dedicated server, Our aim behind this plan is to provide good and quality support and with our logical and technical assistance we give them a great start. In this plan, we urge to provide web hosting support in a cost effective manner and we are guarantee that you will be benefited with this plan.

Unlimited Tickets Support

Supported Servers And Control Panel
  • Manage Tickets Using your HelpDesk
  • Unlimited Tickets & Management
  • Escalate Tickets to Concerned Department if needed

Basic Security

Security Software Installations
  • Server Securing and Hardening
  • Firewall Installation & Configurations
  • Re-Secure a Server after Intrusion

Server Management

Securing Services
  • Full Server Management
  • Unlimited Admin work
  • Server Security
  • Service Optimizations
  • Server Supported - Linux ( cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin) & Windows ( Plesk )

Response And Resolution Time

Estimated Analysis And Completion Time
  • Within 1 hour response time
  • Within 24 hours resolution time
  • Pro-active ticket monitoring

Pre-Sales Support

System Optimization And Hardening
  • Greet your Clients for Sales Inquiries
  • Guide them to Proper Links on your Site

Communication With Datacenters

Communication With Datacenters
  • For Server Reboots (Via Ticket, Remote Console etc...)
  • Related in any Technical Aspect
  • 20 minutes follow-ups for any issues with the DC

Charges applied for additional server support, Please contact sales for more information.