Dedicated Staffing

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We recruit highly qualified technical people who are Internationally Certified with lots of work experience in hosting industry, The advantage of using dedicated staff is that they will be solely working for your company and working as per your schedules or shift timings. This is equivalent of having your own employees who will work from our office 24 hours a day following your support procedures and policies. The skills of these support technicians can be used to perform complex technical issues, server managements, security and upgrades etc.

Support Features

Support Features
  • Dedicated Support Personal
  • Certified and Experienced Admins
  • Profile screening of multiple admins
  • Unlimited Tickets Support
  • Unlimited Servers Support
  • Ticket Escalations

Response And Resolution Time

Security Software Installations
  • Initial Response within 10 minutes to your Clients
  • Routine follow-up with the Tickets
  • Escalating Tickets to Proper Department ( Sales or Billing )
  • Pre-Sales Support
  • Get Necessary Details from Clients to Fix the Issues Quickly

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring
  • Techs will be monitoring the Server 24x7
  • HTTP, PING, SMTP, POP and FTP monitoring
  • Restarting services for service failure alerts.
  • Fixing issues if any of the services have problems
  • Nagios Web-Interface

Work Reports

Disaster Recovery & Hack Recovery
  • Sending Ticket Reports ( Resolved, Pending and Closed Tickets )
  • Weekly Server Status Report (Disk Usages, Security Status, Server Performances etc.)

Server Management

Server Management
  • Complete Server Management
  • Server Security
  • Service Optimizations
  • Server Support - Linux ( cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin)
  • Windows ( Plesk, Website-panel etc)
  • Services Optimization
  • Server Securing and Hardening
  • Server upgrades
  • Service compilations and upgrades
  • Re-Secure a Server after Intrusion
  • Disaster recovery and hack recovery

Communication With DataCenters

Communication With DataCenters
  • For Server Reboots (Via Ticket, Remote Console etc...)
  • Follow-up with the DC via phone or email for any issues ( Hardware, Reboots or Upgrades )

Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support
  • Unlimited Live Chat Support
  • Pro-actively Handling Most of the Issues via Live Chat
  • Escalating Sales and Billing Related Chats to Concerned Department

Third Party Scripts Support

 Third Party Scripts Support
  • Installing, Configuring Scripts like Joomla, WordPress, Mambo and other Fantastico Based Scripts
  • Server Monitoring Software like Nagios etc.
  • Advance Application Installations

If you are still not satisfied and if you think your needs are little different and doesn't fit exactly with dedicated staffing plan, please get in touch with us with your requirements for having dedicated staff and we will see if we can meet your requirements.