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The Live Chat Plan is just what it says it is – support via live chat - no tickets, emails or phone. It's great value for you and the clients will love it because they need instant answers from tech persons. This is not related with Sales or Billing, This plan is purely technical live chat support managed by our Level-1 Techs.

Plans And Pricing – 5 Live Chat Plans To Give You a Range Of Choice
100 Live Chats Monthly Pack $300
200 Live Chats Monthly Pack $500
300 Live Chats Monthly Pack $600
500 Live Chats Monthly Pack $800
1000 Live Chats Monthly Pack $1200

Key Features

  • 24x7 Live Chat support team handling unlimited chats every day
  • Immediate Support – No waiting for a ticket or an email to be answered
  • Level-1 support, Issues that can be resolved via Control panel or logically
  • Pre-Sales support
  • Live chat response guarantee – 1 Minute
  • Daily day end / shift end reports along with chat transcripts
  • Detailed monthly chat status report