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Server Migration

    We understand the problem of today's demanding needs by hosting industry. Many times you want to transfer your hosting accounts from one server to another because of many reasons like hardware failures, server slowness or reducing server costs etc. Migration means you might have lot of work to do with the transfers of domains, email accounts, databases again which is not easy and time consuming task. cPanel to cPanel transfers are the most easy because of transfer tools provided within WHM, but other servers like Plesk, DirectAdmin or Windows based servers are not that easy. That is why we have designed migrations services so that we can take care of all your headaches. We have plenty of experience with migrating TBs of data from one server to another without any problems..

    Migration Services Provided For The Following Servers

  • Linux to Linux any control panel
  • Windows to Windows any control panel
  • Plain server migrations
  • Database migrations
  • Email Migrations
  • Please submit a ticket with our support department clearly mentioning your requirements of migration, including server details etc. Our support team will evaluate the data size and time required for migration, any custom migration requirements please let us know, We will be happy to assist you.