Cluster Setups

With the ability to step outside of our framework and cater to your specific needs on a one-time basis, We assist you with Clustering setups like MySQL Clustering and DNS clustering.

Similar to load balancing with web farms MySQL load balancing is also quiet similar with the configurations and architecture. Using HAProxy load balancer modules we can load balance MySQL query transactions between 2 or more database servers. HAProxy provides queuing and throttling of connections towards one or more MySQL Servers and prevents a single server to become overloaded with too many requests. All clients connect to the HAProxy instance and the proxy forwards the connection to one of the available MySQL Servers based on the load-balancing scheme used.

DNS cluster is a group of name-servers that share records. This allows you to physically separate your name-servers, so that in the event of one name-server going down you still have DNS functionality and visitors can reach websites. We recommend using cPanel DNSONLY for achieving DNS clustering which is quite easy to setup on existing cPanel based servers. you will need two servers with cPanel DNSONLY installed

To setup clustering, Please submit a ticket with our support department clearly mentioning your requirements. Our support team will evaluate the server setups and get back to you.