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cPanel server management is a crucial feature to handle servers, it is even more imperative to keep critical client data safe and secure from malwares, spywares, and virus and DDoS attacks.We, at 24X7servermanagement perform robust server hardening to resist these malicious attacks. Our expertise work on various platforms like CentOS, CloudLinux and Red-Hat.

cPanel is extensively used for Linux hosting and cPanel Server Security, our result oriented solutions and technology comprises of a stringent cPanel security checklist that ensures security and safety of your server at all times. Our team of expert cPanelists work on a 24X7 basis to monitor your infrastructure processes to deliver 100% uptime and zero downtime for virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers.cPanel Security is a continuous process and needs to be maintained regularly for software updates, patches, firewalls, tweaks, audits and lots more.

cPanel Security Features

Operating System Support

Operating System Support
  • Comprehensive work on operating systems like CentOS, CloudLinux and Red-Hat.
  • Complete Server Analysis
  • Completion Time 8 to 10 hours
  • Free Three Days Support

Software Installations

Reduce Management Complexity
  • Exhaustive cPanel server setup and configuration.
  • Firewall installation – CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall) and APF (Advanced Policy Firewall).
  • Installation of Mod-Security with Advanced Rules.
  • Installation of Antivirus ClamAV (Integrating Exim).
  • Installation of Malicious Code Removal Software- Maldet.
  • Installation of Linux Socket Monitor (LSM).
  • Installation of Process Resource Monitor (PRM).

Security Services

Security Services
  • Unwanted Services Disabled.
  • DNS security.
  • MySQL security.
  • PHP open_basedir protection enable.
  • Protection of enabled mod_usedir.
  • Secure Control Access.
  • PHP 5 Hardening.
  • Anti-Spam configuration to reduce spam.
  • RBL, ACL's SPF protection enable.
  • Spam Assassin Configuration. 
  • Wordpress Security
  • Wordpress Security Scan

System Optimization & Hardening

System Optimization & Hardening
  • Root Password Lockdown & Hardening.
  • SSHD port security.
  • sysctl.conf Hardening.
  • host.conf Hardening.
  • Network Security with hosts.allow & hosts.deny.
  • nsswitch.conf Hardening.
  • DDoS Protection Enabled.
  • Email Notifications-Root Login.
  • Periodic Security Updates released by OS and Control Panel.

Server Log Analysis

Server Log Analysis
  • Continuous monitoring of server logs for hacks.
  • Troubleshooting failed services reported by logging.

Disaster & Hack Recovery

Disaster & Hack Recovery
  • Complete investigation and troubleshooting of servers under spam, DDoS attack, hacks, or external scripts.

Service Optimization

Service Optimization
  • Apache 2.2 Optimization and Tweaks.
  • LiteSpeed Installation and Configuration.
  • Exim Mail Services- Optimized.
  • PHP 5 optimization.(XCache & EAccelerator)
  • MySQL optimization.( INNODB & MYISAM settings)