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Critical applications deployed on servers need the right management solutions or tools. The use of application servers ensures persistent availability of mission-critical applications and web services. Large enterprises and end-users require robust application server management to manage applications for their business. Web applications are the future of the software-as-a-service initiative, and thus hosting them on the web requires server solutions that are secure and stable.

An application management console can manage all your servers from a single dashboard. It is imperative that all the parameters be monitored from a unified platform, be it server usage, server load, disk management, memory utilization, etc., a system administrator needs to monitor all these processes for the operating system, application or other web services. Expertise at 24X7servermanagement provide top-of-the-line services for application server management for platforms such as Windows, Linux, Debian, Ubuntu & FreeBSD.

24X7servermanagement is capable of handling application servers for various business collaterals such as e-commerce applications, education, CRM, banking/finance, SAP, and a plethora of other applications. Our team can handle lightweight to enterprise deployments be it on the cloud or on-premises with high uptime.

Critical Application Server Management

Critical Application Server Management
  • Complete pre-server setup & configuration.
  • Installation & configuration of Webmin.
  • Multiple Resource Management.
  • Comprehensive Linux Support.
  • .Net Panel Installation.
  • Support for Windows versions such as – Windows 2008/2012.
  • Support for Database server such as – MS SQL & MySQL.
  • Configuration of Apache, Nginx & LiteSpeed.
  • File Hosting server setup & configuration.
  • Speedbox hosting setup.
  • Game server setup & configuration.
  • Frequent Kernel Updates.
  • Management of multiple clusters.
  • Admin Consultation.
  • Installation of 3rd party software's like Zimbra, VirualMin & Webmin.

Server Security & Monitoring

We keep your server up and running by focusing on core management areas like-

Server Security & Monitoring
  • Exhaustive server hardening & security.
  • Advanced Firewall Installation & Configuration.
  • Server Restoration after malefic intrusion.
  • Installation of patches & updates for 3rd party software's.
  • Monitoring of server logs by certified technical expertise.
  • Troubleshooting server problems.

Installation & Setup

24x7servermanagement provides installation and setup for application servers with-
Setup includes complete installation as well as configuration of the server via a single Dashboard.
The console comes with a comprehensive range of built-in features to build and configure the dashboard.
The Dashboard can be easily customized to analyse performance metrics and applications.

Installation & Setup
  • No Setup Fee.
  • No Term Contract.
  • No Hidden Charges.
  • 15 days money back guarantee.

Fanatical Support with Proactive Response & Resolution Time

Fanatical Support with Proactive Response & Resolution Time
  • Unlimited support tickets & administration.
  • Certified Technical Expertise.
  • Guaranteed response time of within 4 hours for support tickets.
  • Guaranteed resolution time of within 48 hours for support tickets.

Service Support Offerings

Service Support Offerings
  • Apache, Exim, MySQL & DNS.
  • IIS (Internet Information Services), MySQL.
  • ASP.Net, PHP.
  • MS SQL.
  • Mail Enable
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